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Dandelion is a family owned herbal apothecary specializing in quality botanicals. We make a special point of buying from organic and ethically wildcrafted sources when available. The brand names that we offer are those that reflect our high standards.

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Our News for 27 September 2016:

We had some customers call about an EMAIL SCAM using our website name.
Delete these emails!! They are not from us.
Here is what the email looks like:

From: Betty
Date: September 5, 2016 at 3:18:19 AM PDT
Find attached overdue invoice statement for payment. Please revise and advice for immediate remittance of all due and outstanding invoices and we would like to proceed with the payment as scheduled.
Await your immediate response to this email Asap.
Inform me if you need any assistance or clarifications
Sales Administrator
Address: 5424 Ballard Ave. NW Suite 103 Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: 206-545-8892
Fax: 206-778-4869
Email: salesadmin@dandelionbotanical.com
Website: www.dandelionbotanical.com

We have no "sales administrator" or "salesadmin@dandelionbotanical.com" email address, and no "Betty" has ever worked here.
If you receive one of these emails, please let us know - and don't click on ANYTHING in the email as it is probably a virus. The people sending this email are scammers and are using our name illegally !!!

Update: we have implemented new security measures on our domain so that emails can not be sent by any other domain using our name.

See Class List Below..

Current Class offerings:

1)Traditional use of Northwest Plants Pamela Bond
2)The World of Flower Essences Hettie Scofield
3)Herbal Spa Products Crystal Hamby
4)Luscious Herbal Creams and Body Butters Crystal Hamby
5)Botanical Primary Care Michael Altman
6)Professional Herbalist Certificate Course K.P. Khalsa staff

We were highlighted in Journey Magazine ! Just follow the link and find a nice little blurb with a great picture of the store and Mary pouring herbs :) If you want a closer look here is a link to a scan of the article.

Here is a short article in the Ballard News Tribune about one of my favorite things to do - City Walks! : Vacilando

5424 Ballard Ave. NW Suite 103 Seattle, WA 98107
(local)206-545-8892 (toll-free) 1-877-778-4869
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