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Sold by the 15 ml (~1/2 oz.) bottle unless stated otherwise. 1 dram is ~3.7 ml or 1/8 oz. Larger quantity discounts are available.

S.D. = steam distilled�V.D. = vacuum distilled�S.E. = solvent extract C.P. = cold pressed CO2 = carbon dioxide extract
12 February 2018

Dandelion Botanical Co. specializes is pure therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy and natural perfumery. Most of the oils are steam distilled. This process usually happens very quickly after the plants are harvested to capture these very volatile oils. We source from all around the world,. working with companies that are ethical and focus on purity. You will notice many essential oils that are organic, some are even biodynamically grown. This is the highest grade of essential oils. Others are called �unsprayed� meaning the farmers were not able to carry the expense of the certification process but chose to grow naturally. We also carry ethically wildcrafted oils. When these are not available, we do purchase conventionally grown essential oils as well. We never purchase oils that are perfume grade, standardized, diluted or adulterated.. All bottles are labeled with the following information. Common name, Latin name, Chemo type - if available, part of plant used, type of extraction, and country of origin. This can vary from one week to the next as we try to keep these oils in stock for our customers. One seasons' harvest and distillation can be very different from the previous one. This sometimes causes confusion, but it�s only a sign of purity and the dance in nature between, soil, rainfall, sunshine�. - not unlike the making of a fine wine.

We try to keep our listings accurate and up to date, but as this is a volatile market, prices may vary from the website price.

We will always send organic, unsprayed or wildcrafted when requested, but the country of origin may change so please indicate if there is a origin that you require.

Other extraction methods are:
C02 extracts: Is an expensive but high yielding process involving CO2 at high pressure. This captures a full bodied essential oil much like the raw material. However it can also be thicker due to the waxes that it can also extract.
Absolutes (solvent extraction): Often the only way to obtain oils from delicate flowers such as Jasmine.
Cold pressed (or expressed): Pressed peels are our favorite extraction method for Citrus oils.

We love our oils. They are powerful healing agents but fun to work with. Plants create essential oils for many reasons. Communication with Pollinators, protection from pests, predators, and for competition with other plants. The plants are wise this way. Something so useful to them can also offer humans a great sense of wellness. Bless the plants, we owe our lives to them!

FDA warning: All of our essential oils are intended for external use. Please dilute. These oils are pure and undiluted. 5 to 15 drops of essential oil in a carrier (vegetable or nut) oil is the standard method for dilution. Some require even more dilution such as oregano, clove, cinnamon, black pepper.

Product Botanical Name Ext. Origin Price Amt. QTY
Angelica organic root Angelica archangelica S.D. France $32.00 dram
Anise seed Pimpinella anisum S.D. Spain $6.50 15 ml
Anise seed Pimpinella anisum S.D. Egypt $11.00 10 ml
Star Anise organic Illicum verum S.D. Europe $8.85 10 ml
Basil herb Organic Ocimum basilicum S.D. Egypt $7.60 10 ml
Basil, Holy ethically farmed Ocimum basilicum sanctum India $5.50 10 ml
Bay Laurel leaf organic Laurus nobilis S.D. Albania $8.50 15 ml
Bay, St Thomas leaf Pimenta Racemosa S.D. St. Thomas $6.50 5 ml
Bergamot peel ethically farmed Citrus bergamia C.P. Italy $12.50 10 ml
Bergamot peel organic Citrus bergamia C.P. Italy $7.35 5ml
Black Pepper fruit organic Piper nigrum S.D. Madagascar $12.15 5ml
Cajuput branch wild Melaleuca cajuputi powell S.D. Vietnam $11.05 15 ml
Camphor wood, wild Cinnamomum camphora S.D. China $5.50 15 ml
Cardamon seed organic Elettaria cardamomum S.D. Guatemala $20.65 5 ml
Carrot seed ethically farmed Daucus carota S.D. Hungary $14.05 5 ml
Cedar twig and leaf ethically farmed Juniperus virginiana S.D. U.S.A. $9.85 15 ml
Cedarwood, wild atlas wild Cedrus atlantica S.D. Morocco $9.85 15 ml
Cedarwood, wild atlas wild Cedrus atlantica S.D. Morocco $7.50 10 ml
Chamomile, German flowers ethically farmed Matricaria chamomilla S.D. Hungary $30.80 dram
Chamomile Roman flowers ethically farmed Anthemis nobilis S.D. USA $34.80 5ml
Cinnamon bark, cassia organic Cinnamomum cassia S.D. Vietnam $6.00 5 ml
Cinnamon, Ceylon leaf organic Cinnamomum Zeylanicum S.D. Sri Lanka $9.90 10 ml
Cistus organic branch and leaf Cistus ladaniferus S.D. Spain $19.50 5ml
Citronella grass organic Cymbopogon nardus S.D. India $12.70 15 ml
Clary Sage Salvia sclarea S.D. Bulgaria $12.10 10 ml
Clary Sage, organic Salvia sclarea S.D. Bulgaria $11.50 10 ml
Clove bud ethically farmed Eugenia caryophyllus S.D. Indonesia $9.50 15 ml
Coriander seed, organic Coriandrum sativum S.D. Russia $11.55 10 ml
Cypress cone and needle wild Cupressus sempivirons S.D. Spain $10.75 10 ml
Cypress needle organic Cupressus sempivirons S.D. Spain $8.50 10 ml
Douglas Fir Needle, organic Pseudotsuga menziesii S.D. Canada $13.00 5 ml
Elemi resin wild Canaeium luzononicum S.D. Phillipines $10.30 10 ml
Eucalyptus leaf Eucalyptus citriodora S.D. Australia $9.55 15 ml
Eucalyptus leaf Eucalyptus Dives S.D. Australia $4.00 15 ml
Eucalyptus leaf Eucalyptus smithii S.D. Australia $4.00 15 ml
Eucalyptus leaf, organic Eucalyptus radiata S.D. Australia $8.00 15 ml
Eucalyptus leaf, organic Eucalyptus globulus S.D. Portugal $5.20 15 ml
Fennel seed sweet ethically farmed Foeniculum vulgare S.D. France $7.40 10 ml
Fir Balsam needles, ethically farmed Abies balsamea S.D. Canada $12.95 10 ml
Frankincense resin,wild Boswellia Carteri S.D. Oman $14.25 5 ml
Frankincense resin,wild Boswellia carteri S.D. Somalia $17.85 5 ml
Geranium blossom and plant ethically farmed Pelargonium graveolens S.D. China $9.00 5 ml
Geranium Rose, organic Pelargonium x asperum S.D. Egypt $14.50 10 ml
Ginger root, fresh, ethically farmed Zingiber officinale S.D. China $8.65 5ml
Grapefruit peel, pink, organic Citrus paradisi C.P. U.S.A. $7.70 15 ml
Helichrysum flower (everlasting) Helichrysum italicum S.D. Italy $43.00 dram
Hyssop leaf and flower, organic Hyssop officinalis S.D. France $14.40 5ml
Jasmine flower absolute Jasminum grandiflorum S.E. Egypt $67.85 dram
Juniper berry Wild Juniper communis S.D. Hungary $7.85 5 ml
Juniper berry Organic Juniper communis S.D. Albania $6.00 15 ml
Lavender flowers Maillette organic Lavendula angustifolia S.D. France $21.20 15 ml
Lavender flowers organic Lavendula angustifolia S.D. France $21.95 10 ml
Lavender flowers organic Lavendula angustifolia S.D. France $32.45 15 ml
Lavender flowers, organic Lavendula angustifolia S.D. Albania $8.50 15 ml
Lavender flowers, organic Lavendula angustifolia S.D. Bulgaria $14.50 15 ml
Lemon Balm (Melissa) herb Certified Organic Melissa officinalis S.D. France $44.00 1 ml
Lemon peel Cirus limon C.P. U.S.A. $11.00 15 ml
Lemon peel organic Citus limon C.P. Italy $7.50 10 ml
Lemongrass organic Cymbopogon citratus S.D. Guatemala $6.50 15 ml
Lime peel organic Citrus latifolia C.P. West Indies $10.05 15 ml
Litsea cubeba (May Chang)organic Litsea cubeba S.D. China $8.00 10 ml
Mandarin peel, red organic Citrus reticulata C.P. Italy $10.20 10 ml
Marjoram herb, sweet organic Origanum marjoranum S.D. Africa $10.90 10 ml
Myrrh resin, wild Commiphor myrrha S.D. Ethiopia $11.45 5ml
Myrtle leaf, red organic Myrtus communis S.D. Morocco $9.30 5 ml
Neroli flowers Citrus aurantium S.D. Italy $75.00 1/3dram
Neroli flowers and leaf absolute Citrus aurantium S.E. Italy $98.00 dram
Niaouli leaf, organic Melaleuca quinquenervii S.D. Madagascar $8.00 15 ml
Nutmeg seed Myristicum fragrans S.D. Indonesia $13.00 15 ml
Orange peel, bitter Citrus aurantium C.P. Spain $11.50 15 ml
Orange peel, sweet Organic Citrus sinensis C.P. Mexico $5.50 15 ml
Oregano herb Oreganum vulgare S.D. Bulgaria $14.65 10 ml
Palmarosa grass ethically farmed Cymbopogon martinii S.D. India $10.35 15 ml
Patchouli ethically farmed Pogostemon patchouli S.D. Indonesia $13.50 10 ml
Peppermint leaf organic Mentha piperita S.D. U.S.A. $5.50 15 ml
Peppermint leaf, organic Mentha piperita S.D. Paraguay $8.00 15 ml
Petigrain leaf ethically farmed Citrus aurantium S.D. Italy $8.50 15 ml
Pine needle, Siberian Abies sibirica S.D. Hungary $5.50 15 ml
Pine needle, wild Pinus sylvestris S.D. Estonia $11.40 15 ml
Ravensara Ravensara aromatica S.D. Madagascar $11.45 5 ml
Rose flower absolute Rosa damascena S.E. Bulgaria $53.25 dram
Rose flower, Otto Rosa damascena S.D. Bulgaria $48.00 1/3 dram
Rosemary herb, C.T. 1.8 cineole organic Rosmarinus officinalis S.D. Morocco $16.60 5 ml
Rosemary herb organic Rosmarinus officinalis S.D. Spain $9.50 15 ml
Sage herb, white ceremonial Salvia alpinia S.D. U.S.A. $13.00 dram
Sage herb, organic Salvia officinalis S.D. Albania $11.00 15 ml
Sandalwood, wild Santalum spicatum S.D. Austrailia $30.00 dram
Spearmint herb, unsprayed Mentha spicata S.D. U.S.A. $10.20 15 ml
Spikenard root Nardostachys grandiflora S.D. Nepal $15.00 5ml
Spruce, black, needles organic Picea mariana S.D. Canada $15.50 10 ml
Tagates flower (marigold) organic Tagates glandulifera S.D. Madagascar $9.50 5 ml
Tangerine peel organic Citrus reticulata C.P. U.S.A. $10.25 10 ml
Tea Tree ethically farmed Melaluca alternifolia S.D. Australia $9.30 15 ml
Tea Tree, organic Melaluca alternifolia S.D. South Africa $7.00 15 ml
Thyme herb, C.T. Linalool Organic Thymus vulgaris S.D. Europe $8.65 5ml
Vetiver root, ethically farmed Andropogon Zizanoides S.D. El Salvador $16.35 10 ml
Violet leaf absolute (Special Order, Please Call for quote) Viola odorata S.E. Egypt Call dram
Wintergreen herb - discontinued - (both birch bark and wintergreen are unavailable as verified pure essential oils, so we will not carry them) Gaultheria procumbens        
Yarrow Achillea millefolium S.D. commercial $37.00 dram
Ylang Ylang "3rd" flower Canaga odorata S.D. Madagascar $13.85 15 ml
Ylang Ylang "complete" flower Canaga odorata S.D. Comores $16.40 10ml
Ylang Ylang "extra" flower Canaga odorata S.D. Comores $14.80 5ml
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These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.