Animal Customers!

Felix Zorro
Although most of our customers are humans, here are two of our new favorite customers, Felix and Zorro! Their owner contacted us and with the help of a vetrinarian she got a prescription for [certain herbs]. At first we thought it was for her, but she wrote:
"actually it is my two male neutered goats that get these herbs to avoid kidney stones. Last year my one goat Felix, got plugged with stones and ended up having surgery at [the veterinary hospital] and has been prescribed these herbs through the veterinarian who specializes in herbal medicines for animals. :-) They work well , no new occurances yet."
"I really feel the herbs have aided tremendously in his successful recovery. Zorro is taking them to prevent this from ever happening to him and so far he is doing great!!"

We may have opened up the flood gates of cuteness! Last month we featured Felix and Zorro and they have become very well-known to our human customers. Here are a few more little bundles of fur that are regulars:

Their care-takers write: "Here are three of our flower-loving chins [chinchillas], (from left to right) Ollie, Willow, and Aspen. Thanks for helping us get the healthy treats they love!"

Rocky (a German Shepherd-Husky mix, 8 years old) and Pepper (a Dalmation-Black Lab mix, 14 years old) - our dogs. They are pretty happy out running wild near Roslyn, WA. !

Pokey (at 18 years old) asking for more Dandelion Botanical Co. catnip :)